4 Benefits of Reading to Children

There are a multitude of positive benefits of reading to children and it can be started as soon as the child is born.

It is important to begin reading to children at an early age and this blog post analyzes 4 positive benefits.

1. Bonding

Reading with children is a nice way to spend time together. This allows for a relationship to be built on quality time. Also, children love to feel secure and reading to children gives them that feeling. Bonding while reading a book with children helps strengthen the relationship.

According to research, positive benefits of reading to children also include creating a love for literacy. This leads into the next benefit.

2. Supports Listening Skills

When you are reading to children, this requires them to listen and focus. These listening skills must be developed before a child begins to read; therefore, it is crucial to start reading to children at a very young age.

Did you know that the roots of language are developing in a child’s brain before they can even talk? That is incredible! We have influence over the child’s language simply by what we are allowing the child to listen to!! Reading to children at an early age is one way we can help support and strengthen children’s listening skills.

3. Cognitive and Language Development

Researches say that verbal interaction may promote higher language and IQ scores. This link continues throughout adulthood. These experts explain that reading books to kids helps expand the variety and number of words they use.

One 2019 study estimated that children who are regularly read to in the five years leading up to kindergarten are exposed to 1.4 million more words than children who aren’t read to during those years.

4. Attention Span

Reading to children helps them develop key concentration and self-discipline skills. As mentioned previously, one of the positive benefits of reading to children include supporting their listening skills. This goes right along with building children’s attention span.

When a child is listening to a book being read, they are more likely to sit still, develop a longer attention span, and improve their memory skills.

Conclusion: 4 Benefits of Reading to Children

The positive benefits of reading to children could go on and on. There is no better time to start than now, no matter your child’s age! Make sure to shop the book, “I Don’t Want To Turn 3”, for a good read!

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